They say

It’s a fine line between loving someone

And giving them space


I give you space

All the space you need


No matter what you do in that space

I will always give you


All the space to breathe.

"Wifey" - ND

I'm a poet, writer and educator from Houston, Texas. I love to travel, write, be in the outdoors and laugh. I earned my MA in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University, and my BS in Communications from University of Phoenix Online.

I am also creator and founder of Write! Austin, a forthcoming queer poetry writing workshop for emerging LGBTQIA+ writers. I hope to bring the workshop (and open mic) to not only Austin but to my hometown.


During my time in Beijing, China, I hosted and organized open mic poetry and music nights; A Night of LOVE, Prince & Poetry and An Ode to Beijing, to create community and connection among expats in the city. 


As a freelance writer, I've penned well over 1,000 arts and culture-related pieces for online and print publications such as,,,, GhettoBlaster Magazine; as well as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and Full Sail University’s Get In Media site. 


I hold a MA in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University and BS in Communication from University of Phoenix. 


I am currently working on my debut poetry collection, Sapiosexual (BaileyGirls Publishing, 2020).


© 2019 by ND McCray. 

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